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One chance in a million

There are now over a million active shows on Apple Podcasts, so now more than ever, standing out amongst the crowd is essential. Listeners expect more than the audio export of a Zoom call, and podcasters need more than a few edits and a splash of music.

Radio Burrito is the first podcast publishing house™, providing a full suite of services to help creators start, grow, and monetise their podcasts.

Authentically you

Listeners respond to authenticity, and with the intimacy afforded by podcast listening, you have the opportunity to make real and lasting connections with listeners. We help to establish and keep that trust.

The pitch

Before you hit Record or book your first guest, it's helpful to think about who the podcast is for, how people will hear it and where they'll find it. We'll help you refine your pitch by creating a listener persona.

The launch

Of course we'll edit, mix and master your audio, but we'll also contact prominent podcast journalists, newsletter writers and bloggers to help spread the word about your new show.


We like to take regular time out to evaluate how your podcast is doing, and what each of us can do to help it grow even further and reach new audiences, or how you can refine your own processes to keep the creative spark going.


Once your podcast is off and running and you've reached the right audience size, we can discuss ways that you can monetise your work, whether it's through listener donations, advertising, or as a way to help you get more work.

Meet your producer

Mark studied Media and Communication, and focused on radio in a digital age. He's been making podcasts since he graduated in 2004, and for over 20 years has helped individuals, small businesses and larger organisations build and hone their web presences.

Mark has recorded and edited countless hours of podcasts, and after establishing the highly-regarded podcasting company Podiant, is now bringing his experience to bear as a consultant.

Hosting's taken care of

If you're looking for a podcast hosting platform, Radio Burrito is powered by Podiant, a world-class hosting service. Of course, you don't have to use Podiant to benefit from the services Radio Burrito provides, but those that do get a generous discount on their hosting costs.

A few words from our clients

  • Lucy Clayton & Steven Haines

    Working with Mark on the How to Go to Work podcast has been a straightforward and enjoyable journey — we value his perspective not just on the technical aspects but creatively also.

    Maria Franzoni

    Each week I interview a new guest, and as the interviews are remote, we never know quite how they’ll sound, but Mark always provides a clean, crisp audio file that sounds great, and is ready for us to upload.

  • Pippa Frith

    Mark has been a crucial part of making our podcast happen. He is so knowledgeable and experienced he makes complex things incredibly simple.

    Graham Allcott

    I started my podcast in 2016, and Mark was with me from day one. All I have to do is upload the audio of my interview, and he takes care of everything else, from the editing to the text that appears on the website.

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