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Chatting productivity, work/life balance and happiness

Graham Allcott is an entrepreneur, author, speaker and podcaster. He is the founder of Think Productive, one of the world’s leading providers of personal productivity training and consultancy, with offices in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and the Netherlands.

Graham is the author of three books, including the global best-seller How to be a Productivity Ninja.

Audio production and show notes

Graham records audio with his guest, and sends Mark the raw recordings. Mark adds EQ, voice enhancements and music, stitches in Graham’s intro and outro, and removes any false starts or stumbles, leaving a natural, free-flowing conversation.

As he edits, Mark gathers links to videos, books, and other materials relating to the topics discussed, then writes a brief, punchy description along with a descriptive headline, to help listeners understand exactly what they can gain from the episode.

An ongoing partnership

Mark and Graham have worked together on Beyond Busy since its inception. As well as editing each episode, Mark works with the Think Productive team so they can effectively market them.

Mark works proactively with Graham to keep the podcast running, providing a frictionless experience for him and his team.

I started my podcast in 2016, and Mark was with me from day one. All I have to do is upload the audio of my interview, and he takes care of everything else, from the editing to the text that appears on the website.

Graham Allcott

Work-life balance, happiness and success

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