How to Go to Work

The things no-one ever tells you about starting out

Each week authors Lucy Clayton and Steven Haines will be asking guest to take us right back to the beginning of their career. We’re not interested in stellar success stories or show off narratives – this is a show about the start of things. However famous our guests are, we start with their Saturday job. Tracking the progress from early work experience through to guest’s current life, we examine what was learnt on the way, how the journey developed, how people are held back or inspired further.

Working with Mark on the How to Go to Work podcast has been a straightforward and enjoyable journey — we value his perspective not just on the technical aspects but creatively also. The raw recordings for the show are often long, sometimes rambling and frequently feature sensitive moments and it requires care to craft them into the final product. We are delighted with the project and it supports the spirit and ambitions of the book How to Go to Work perfectly. We’ve felt supported and understood by Mark throughout the process and enjoy collaborating enormously.

Lucy Clayton & Steven Haines

The honest advice no one ever tells you at the start of your career

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