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Early-stage startups need to build strong relationships with customers. We don’t connect with companies, we connect with people, and a podcast is the most effective way of authentically telling your story, and inviting your customers along for the journey.

A podcast gives people the opportunity to establish trust in your brand. By hearing directly from you – your words in your own voice – customers will feel closer to you, more aligned with your mission, and ready to go from being another data point in a CRM, to becoming a true fan.

The permission-based approach to podcast subscriptions means your message won’t interrupt your customers’ flow, so they’re less likely to swipe away your latest update. Their conversational nature lets you dive deeper into topics that might be too long for a blog post.

Podcasts let you connect directly with a variety of stakeholders in your business, whether they’re early-adopters who’ve kicked the tyres, advisors who help shape your service, or the developers working on the latest product release. It’s like a director’s commentary for your business.

This package helps you get up-and-running quickly and easily. Just grab a mic, hit Record, upload your audio and the rest is taken care of. All of it, from editing and production, to show notes, to hosting and analytics. No tech knowledge required; just a quiet room and some interesting folks to talk to.

Episodes can be embedded in your company blog, and are distributed via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and more, making them available in all mobile platforms and smart speakers.

Mark Steadman

I’m Mark, a podcast producer with over two decades’ worth of knowledge and experience producing on-demand audio. I work primarily with small business owners, authors and public speakers. I’m also a startup founder.

In 2016, I bootstrapped Podiant, a successful and highly-regarded podcast hosting company, and I serve on the board of a service I co-founded in 2011, that helps cultural institutions tell their stories.

I chronicle my own startup journey in Platform, and you can hear my commissioned work and original content via my Podchaser profile.

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Radio Burrito is my podcast production studio. As well as telling my own story, I also produce thoughtful, interesting, and often funny podcasts for a variety of audiences, and for a number of clients.

The Podcast My Startup package includes a fixed number of episodes with a host and up to two guests, at a single, one-off price (plus a discounted monthly fee for hosting). I recommend an initial season of 13 episodes, with a chance to review and plan for further seasons on an ongoing basis.

Most of my clients work with me by simply uploading their raw recordings. I — or one of the talented editors I work with — clean up the audio, add music, remove any fluffs and stumbles, and draw up show notes that listeners will see in their podcast app.

For our first season, we’ll work closely together, with me helping craft your audio brand along with the artwork and metadata, so your show is ready to submit to directories. I can work with your marketing and technical teams to embed new episodes of your podcast into your website or blog, and you’ll get monthly reports charting the growth of your show.

From episode 1 to episode 1,000, your podcast will reflect your personality, your brand, and the values your company stands for.


Artwork needs to be as eye-catching and clear at the size of a postage stamp, as it is when displayed on a big screen. The seven years I've spent in design-focused agencies has given me an eye for attractive and simple podcast art. If you need something more elaborate or illustrated, I have a number of talented graphic artists I collaborate with.

Audio editing

When audio arrives in raw form, it needs processing to sound clear and loud enough to punch through noise from the listener's environment. This involves using EQ, volume levelling, noise cancellation, reverb reduction, and turning down plosives from popping P sounds, or harsh sibilance from hissing S sounds in people's speech.

Most professional podcasts are recorded so that each person's voice is on a separate track. Each track is independently filtered so each person speaking sounds their best, then the audio is trimmed, filler words are removed while keeping the tone of the conversation natural, and sonic branding (like music or jingles) is added.

Directory submission

I'll take care of submitting your podcast to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, TuneIn, Pocket Casts, Deezer, and Stitcher. This covers the gamut of Android, iOS and smart speaker listening. As new directories are launched, I'll make sure your podcast can be found there too.


Music helps distinguish your podcast and forms part of your sonic brand. I'll hunt for library music that can be licensed for use in your podcast, that will match your voice, personality, and the way each episode is introduced..We'll work on this together, as part of developing your first episode, so we create an environment that welcomes the listener and makes them feel at home.

Show notes

Show notes are one of the most underused parts of the podcasting stack. Rich show notes with links and guest bios give extra context and provide listeners with the opportunity to dive deeper into the topics discussed. They can also aid in SEO, and contribute to your overall content marketing strategy.

This package has two options to choose from. If you need a custom quote, we can arrange that.

Mini-season 6 episodes $1,476 / £1,080

The amount you see above is an estimate for the cost of making the selected number of episodes.

These are ongoing monthly costs in order to keep your podcast running, regardless of the number of episodes produced.

Hosting $12 / £8

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