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Audio editing

When audio arrives in raw form, it needs processing to sound clear and loud enough to punch through noise from the listener's environment. This involves using EQ, volume levelling, noise cancellation, reverb reduction, and turning down plosives from popping P sounds, or harsh sibilance from hissing S sounds in people's speech.

Most professional podcasts are recorded so that each person's voice is on a separate track. Each track is independently filtered so each person speaking sounds their best, then the audio is trimmed, filler words are removed while keeping the tone of the conversation natural, and sonic branding (like music or jingles) is added.

Show notes

Show notes are one of the most underused parts of the podcasting stack. Rich show notes with links and guest bios give extra context and provide listeners with the opportunity to dive deeper into the topics discussed. They can also aid in SEO, and contribute to your overall content marketing strategy.

This package has three options to choose from. If you need a custom quote, we can arrange that.

Six months 25 episodes $3,636 / £2,660
One year 50 episodes $7,052 / £5,160

The amount you see above is an estimate for the cost of making the selected number of episodes.

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