Beyond Busy

Beyond Busy

Author of How to be a Productivity Ninja, Graham Allcott, interviews people from all walks of life about productivity, work/life balance, happiness and success.

I helped Graham get started with his fortnightly podcast in 2016, building the initial WordPress website, editing the episodes, uploading them and writing show notes. In 2017 the podcast moved to my hosting company Podiant, which has cut down my post-production time considerably.

For Beyond Busy, I provide a light-touch edit, adding intros, outros and middle sections where necessary. I also write brief show notes and gather links to everything Graham and his guests discuss.

I started my podcast in 2016, and Mark was with me from day one. All I have to do is upload the audio of my interview, and he takes care of everything else, from the editing to the text that appears on the website.

Graham Allcott, host of Beyond Busy