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  • Photo Jane Barrett

Technology is a leading trend in hiring, likely to continue into 2021, so this month, Jane is joined by technologist and former kindergarten teacher, [Jeremy Schifeling]( Jeremy interned at Apple, gaining the internship by demonstrating how he was able to apply the knowledge and experience he’d gained as a teacher, …

As Jane celebrates six years of the Career Farm podcast, we take a look at current market trends, to help you take a proactive approach to your career. You can [download the report for free](

27th November 2020 Market trends report

Hanna has made her career in marketing, which provides her full-time employment, but when her job gave her a little headspace in March 2018, she made use of that time by starting [Acala](, a zero-waste, plastic-free health and beauty online shop. Hanna used her digital marketing experience to promote the …

Dr Lynda Shaw shares ways to trick your brain out of interview stress, and ways you can help combat the sense of overwhelm and anxiety that’s worsened for many during lockdown. Dr Shaw is a self-confessed travel junkie, who ran a number of successful businesses before becoming a working mother. …