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How to Go to Work

Interviews with people with interesting career stories, launched in conjunction with the book by the same name.

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  • Photo Lucy Clayton
  • Photo Steven Haines
  • We've felt supported and understood by Mark throughout the process and enjoy collaborating enormously.

Legendary founder of Gifford’s Circus, Nell Gifford shares her thoughts on creativity and work ethic.

23rd March 2020 Nell Gifford

Join Lucy and internet entrepreneur Duncan as they talk about his extraordinary career from starting a shop (aged 6) through to becoming a serial founder and early stage investor.

16th March 2020 Duncan Jennings

Join Lucy and British Vogue's Bookings Editor as they talk about breaking into a notoriously tough industry, tips for being a brilliant intern and why you should never say “passion for fashion” in a cover letter.

9th March 2020 Rosie Vogel-Eades

One of the world’s top brain surgeons joins Lucy to share his journey from shop floor to surgery and everything in between.

2nd March 2020 Dr Rahul Jandial

This week’s guest is an acclaimed writer, spoken word artist, nurse, and author of the book _How to Treat People_,

24th February 2020 Molly Case

This week’s guest has over 40 years’ experience in the construction and property industries and leads her own business that she founded in 2007.

17th February 2020 Antonia Belcher

This week’s guest is the co-author and editor of the story of Stormzy’s meteoric rise to fame.

10th February 2020 Jude Yawson

Our first guest's most recent book challenges readers to help build a world in which the vast majority of people wake up every single day feeling inspired, feel safe at work, and feel fulfilled at the end of the day.

3rd February 2020 Simon Sinek

Authors Lucy Clayton and Steven Haines let you know what you can expect from the podcast.

17th January 2020 Trailer